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When I was in 8th grade I told my dad that I wanted to play Div I basketball.  He said “Ok, it’s gonna take four years of hard work and the chances are slim.  You will have to work harder than everyone else.”  Fast forward 9 years and I was finishing a four year career as a collegiate athlete and was the Captain of that team.  I learned a lot about myself in the process……

When I was commissioned as a Officer in the Navy I decided I wanted to try to become a Navy Seal. I found a person to coach me.  He said “You are probably not going to make it, but here is what you have to do and you will have to work harder than everyone else”.  Fast forward four years and I was never selected and was lost as to what to do with my career.  I learned a lot more about myself in the process…..

When I decided I wanted to work for CrossFit I went to a friend I truly respected and he told me “You can do it but you can’t make any mistakes or you won’t make the cut”  Fast forward almost 6 years and I have more than 100 L1 and L2 seminars under my belt.  It wasn’t easy and there were set backs.  I learned even more about myself in the process……

I have a story like this for virtually every aspect of my life, from being a coach, a father, a husband a business owner and and a leader.  The story recycles it self every 5-7 years.   The point is this.  I’m not sure why I have always been open to being coached or mentored?  I thought it was contrary to my “against the grain” mentality.  Then I realized having a coach is against the grain.

What I am 100% sure of is I wouldn’t have learned nearly as much about myself had I tried to do it on my own.  When I’m open to the idea I don’t do something well, that is when I begin to become good at it.

When we have the humility to admit to ourselves that we don’t have the answers we open the door to learning.

Don’t have the job you want? You need a coach

Don’t have the money you want? You need a coach.

Haven’t lost the weight you wanted to?  You need a coach.

Having a coach doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you.  Quite the contrary it means you are doing what most won’t.  You’re saying “I want to be better and I need help because I’m not sure how to do it.  Show me!”

That mindset puts you in rare company.  Survey the most successful people you know.  Ask them if they have a mentor or coach?  I know where I would put my money for that bet.

Nobody can do it on their own.  It takes direction and advice from others.  It takes learning from others rather than making the mistakes yourself all the time.  It takes humility.

Who’s your Coach?