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“I’ll apply for that job next month, I’ll ask that girl/guy out next time I see them, I’ll save money when I have a a little extra and the last but not least…….I’ll start dieting on Monday!”

We’ve all been guilty, so I’ll tell you my story.  

In 2013 I was still active duty Navy, going back to school at night to pursue my dentistry dreams, running the gym and coaching, and Jess was pregnant (and I was not at all ready for that).  

By most standards I had a full plate.  I had being saying for a couple years that I was going to intern for CF Seminar Staff at this point, but I was always “too busy” or “had too much going on”

This point in my life was no different and was arguably the most stretched out I have ever been.  One morning I woke up and decided I was going to put my application in.  I was tired of waiting. 

I’m not sure why, but that day I decided I was never going to be “ready” to intern.

Just like I was never going to be “ready” to go back to school,

And just like I was definitely never going to be “ready” to be a father!

Long story short, I interned and was fortunate enough to make the team several months later.  

Very shortly after that Logan was born, I dropped the dentistry dream and found out I would be exiting the Navy for good…….. All in about 6 months.

But here is the important part: 

After CrossFit HQ hired my “class” they didn’t hire again for another 5 years………..

I didn’t know that, nor could I have known that would be the case.

I often think how different my life would be if I had decided to wait.

If we wait for that perfect timing, for things to be right, for the chips to be stacked up perfectly we will end up with a life of waiting.

Waiting to be happy, waiting to be successful, waiting to fail, waiting to love, waiting to get healthy, waiting to grow.

Waiting…..because you can’t find “one day” or “next time” on the calendar.  It doesn’t exist.

One day is today, hell it may have been yesterday!

“One Day” and “Tomorrow” are too late.

Let’s all stop waiting because waiting never got anyone anywhere.