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I’ve been struggling with my mindset lately.

I’ve bee feeling sorry for myself over some things that I thought should have gone my way.

My thoughts were something like “I deserve that, because I’ve worked hard” (imagine a pitiful voice)

Reflecting upon that I got really angry.

I was angry because somewhere along the way I got entitled to the end state that I wanted.

I was angry because that isn’t me and I have no idea where those feelins came from.

I don’t like it, it makes me feel weak.

It means I might shy away from hard work or tough decisions.

I know what that leads too, and I know where it leads to.

I’ve mentioned Jocko Willink before and I think his books should be mandatory reading for every athlete.

I’ll sum up one of his principles for you:

Things aren’t going your way?  Good.…..

When things are going bad, don’t get frustrated or upset.  Get up, reassess and move on.

Stop focusing on what you have no control over.  Focus on what that failure provides you.

Does it give you time? Opportunity? Kowledge?

     Didn’t hit your weight loss target?  Good

     DIdn’t hit a PR?  Good

     Business deal didn’t go your way? Good

     Didn’t win the game?  Good

Something Good will come from that.

This email wasn’t for you, it was 100% for me.

I just hope it helps you.