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It’s no secret that I wasn’t saint as a kid.

When I was about 14 years old my girlfriend at the time lived in the same neighborhood as we did.

It was an easy bike ride or walk to her place.

I would regularly go full secret agent mode and carefully plan my escape out of my bedroom window to go galavanting in the neighborhood at night.

I never got caught in the act for that particular excusion and I’m not sure how many times I did that.

One day my parents were out doing yard work and my mom noticed that the iris plants in front of my bedroom window were trampled.

She went to my dad and said “I think someone has been trying to get into Jason’s room!”

I’m not exactly sure what his response was but he very calmly pointed out that the bushed were trampled away from the house and not towards.

I’m sure he was under no delusion that nobody was trying to break “into” his 14 year old son’s room……..

I never technically got in trouble for that because I’m sure my parents were confident enough that I would give them plenty more opportunity to be caught.

When I did finally get nabbed for something later my father informed me that

“Whatever you are thinking about doing I’ve already done.  And I did it better, so just don’t do it”

If I would have been really clever I would have asked him how he would have snuck out of the house hahaha.

This concept s something that I’ve become more and more aware of over the years.

There almost no scenario that I’m going to encounter that someone else hasn’t already been through or navigated successfully.

Stuggle with nutrition?  Someone else has already figured that out

Not getting as strong as you would like?  Someone else has already figured that out

Not sure how to navigate that business deal?  Someone else has already figured that out

And the crazy part is all we have to do is ask.

I’m not sure I have ever asked someone for advice and been turned down

Pride is the only thing that keeps us from reaching out and asking for help.

People want to help, and other people have been through similar scenarios.

Others have already made the mistakes we are about to make, so why make them.

Ask for advice

Ask for help

Ask for a hand on whatever it is that is holding you up.

Someone will help you.


P.S.  My sister snuck out one time and got caught hahaha