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Last night was the Induction ceremony for the Wall of Honor where my dad and I were inducted with two other alumni.

Naturally this was an evening of a lot of story telling.

I’m sure most of the stories are exaggerated but they were fun none the less.

One of the stories was about another player that played years after I did and going through a shooting slump.

Shooters want a shooter’s coach and Elmo was always good about letting shooters do what they do (but he would let you know if you weren’t a shooter hahaha)

His strategy was usually to get us to shoot our way out of a slump.

Well in this story his guidance to that player was:

“When in doubt, shoot it, and always bee in doubt!

I think that player has the record for most three pointers in a single game.

If you are a shooter you miss way more than you make (shooting 30% from three point land is really good)

It means a short memory is key, and hesitation is your worst enemy.

Sometimes it would be good for all of us to remember that.

The less shots we take the more dire the misses feel.

Sometimes the weights feel heavier than they should, but we have to keep pushing.

      Sometimes the cards just keep falling against us for any number of reasons.

      Sometimes the weight doesn’t come off even when we are doing all the right things.

      Sometimes it just feels like we can’t get it right now matter what.

Take the advice that I and a lot of other guys got over the years:

“Keep shooting, they will start to drop”