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Coaches Corner

What Other People Think…

I’m color blind.  No I don’t see black and white like dogs, I have red/green deficiency.

Stop……because I know you are asking yourself, “How does he know when to go and stop at a traffic light?”

It’s not like that.

But that color blotch book, well that’s just a bunch of colors to me, no numbers to be found there.

I also had no idea what color purple was for about 15 year.  I still struggle with that one.

I would regularly go out of the house wearing navy blue and purple thinking they were the same thing.

I have my grandfather to thank for that!

I didn’t care if it looked stupid because I didn’t know any better, and my parents never found it necessary to make me feel bad about it.

If I wanted a weird haircut they let me get it. If I wanted to wear a pink shirt that said “weirdo” on it or wear wristbands on my legs they just let it ride.

I think they understood that being different was ok, or maybe that being normal isn’t always good.  

The one exception was when I got my ears pierced.  Elmo wasn’t pumped….but hey they raised a kid that didn’t care.

That skill set up not paying attention to what others think has served me very well for the most part,  but it has bitten me as well.  There is a fine balance to be had there.

I want all of you to have that too.  When you don’t care what others think, then you tend to judge others less.

It just won’t be something you will tend to allocate a lot of mental resources on.

I say this because if you are in our CrossFit family you are different.

You’ve chosen to invest in your health and well being for the long term.

     You’ve chosen to do something hard every day.

     You eat healthy food when others don’t

     You make less excuses.

     You work harder.

     You set goals and you achieve them.

     And you probably spend less time on things that bring you now value.

Congratulation, you are achieving what most people won’t ever do.

Don’t spend anymore time worrying about what other people think.

Those people won’t be around when it matters, and they aren’t rooting for you to win anyway.

Be different, stop worrying what other people think, spend more time doing what makes you happy.

Its ok.