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In the wake of Kobe Bryant’s passing there has been a monumental outpouring of support and sadness.

People have suggested changing the game “21” to “24” in his honor

There is a petition to change the NBA logo to him

Regardless of anyone’s thoughts on him he was an American Icon

Few things have resonated with me as deeply as his Oscar winning film “Dear Basketball”

I didn’t grow up as a Kobe fan.  I couldn’t have, he and I are the same age

When he was going to the NBA I was headed to college to play

I have always respected him as the flawed person he was and the consummate professional

I was recently reading through some quotes from him and one stuck out more than anything

It’s not about basketball and it’s not about him:

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.”  – Kobe Bryant

That one hits home for me more than anything.

Maybe it’s because I’m a coach, maybe it’s because I’m a father, maybe it’s for another reason I don’t know yet

It’s part of why I write these letters to all of you

To help some of you understand that nobody is perfect and that Instagram lives are a sham

Life is tough and that struggle is what makes it worthwhile.

So here is something worth remembering:


     Someone is inspired because you lost X number of pounds

     Someone is inspired because you went back to the gym right after have those babies

     Someone is inspired because you had the courage to leave the military and start a new chapter in your life

     Someone is inspired because you only see age as a number and are fitter in your 50’s than your 30’s

     Someone is inspired because you chose to beat addiction

     Someone is inspired because you beat cancer

Those are only some of your inspirational stories

And that someone is me

Thank you for the inspiration