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Its the day prior to Christmas eve and the New Year is approaching rapidly.  

All the “New Year, New You” and “&*%$ 2020” memes will be hitting the internet soon.

My planning for the new year usually starts around Sept/Oct timeframe.

That is usually when all the ideas start rolling around in my head and moving to the front and jockying for space.

It is also when I start reflecting on what I’ve done poorly and what I’ve done well?

Where I got lucky and why?

What should I focus on and what should I leave alone?

I started reading the book “The One Thing”  that has been recommended to me for years.

It has confirmed a lot of things for me.  Things like balance is nonsense and unacheiveable.

It has also forced me to ask questions about this year.

Why did we fair better than most?  Most of that is because yall are awesome.

But a lot of it has to do with the fact that we/I were forced to put all of the focus on one thing and one thing only.

2019 was me trying to the everything right.

2020 was me trying to do the right thing.

None of us can predict the future but we can direct our focus.

What are the things that have been distracting you from the right thing?

The pieces start to fall together when we hyper focus.

I didn’t train much this year, but as I get more focused on the main thing, I find myself spending more time on it 

….and beginning to find more time to train.  

I don’t think that those things happen together by coincidence.

They say “Success is doing the right thing, the right way, at the right time.”

We don’t have control of timing but if we work on the first two, the timing happens when it should.

So as you roll into the new year, establish what your one thing is.  Drive towards it and don’t get distracted.

And if we can help let us know. Merry Christmas!