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I played basketball with a lot of guys growing up.  

Some bad, some good, some great.

I knew where to find all of them at any given time.

The bad ones were sitting in the bleachers talking about how good they were.

The good ones were either on the floor or sitting on the sidelines talking about what to do to get better.

The great ones were ALWAYS on the floor.  

They were either playing, practicing or competing against someone in any numbers of drills or games.

They NEVER stopped and jumped on any opportunity to compete and test themselves.

They weren’t afraid of losing, but they really hated it.

The guys that were bad were the most annoying because all they ever did was talk about being good.

We referred to these guys as the “All P.E. Team”, The team that never played, never tried and wasn’t real.

It wasn’t because they weren’t good.

It was because they never tried.  They didn’t want to step on the floor for fear of losing.

Losing is part of life.  There is no scenario where we come out undefeated.

Some people just learn a little more in the process by being on the floor more than others.

Get on the court, into the board room, into the meeting or planning session.

That is the ony way to earn our stripes.

They have to be earned through the process of playing the game.

Don’t make 2021 the year of talking about what you want to do.

I wanted to be on  many “All-Star” Teams growing up

The “All P.E. Team” is still the only one I have no interest in.