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I’ve always been a team sports fan, individual sports never really got me as excited.

I have always loved chasing a goal that I set for myself but the idea of doing it alone always felt odd.

I trained hours on my own, but it was always so that I could do the best I could for the team when practice or game time came up.

I was recently down visiting a long time friend of mine who suggested we do a project together.

There were some feelings of inadequecy when he asked me to help him.

He doesn’t need me, is crazy successful and has all the resources at his disposal.

We’ve been friends long enough (20+years) that I had no problem being direct with him about my feelings.

So I just went with the head on approach and asked him why he wanted to partner because he and I both knew it wasn’t necessary.

He paused and responded with what I thought he would say.

“If I do all of thise and get to the goal and have noone to share it with, what’s the point?”

I think what is important about this concept about is “Need vs Want”

Jess and I talk about why we both this our relationship works and I think a key pillar is that we want to be together, but need to be.

We would both be fine on our own and would probably find our way just via a different path.

But we want to be partners.

I’m not sure this concept has ever been more important.

In a world where everything is dooms day and seclusion is encouraged I think we need the exact opposite.

     I think we need to be together.

     We need to go to a gym we want to be

     We need to find a place where we want to be with those people

     We need to spend time with those who want us

     We don’t acheive anything alone.

     Train and work with people who want you to be successful.

I know I’ve always been happier with a great team

Because everything is better together.