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My dad never really talks about his experience when they fled Cuba to come to America.

I know this…… a young child he and his father crossed the Rio Grande on foot and then his father told him this…

“Go that way and find the border patrol”

I can’t imagine what that would feel like as kid not even in their teenage years.

I always envisioned it as stairing down an endless hallway with no idea if there was an end.

Anytime I am struggling or feeling down on myself I think about that walk.

     When I left high school to go to Newport RI, I thought about that walk

     When I got to the Naval Academy, I thought about that walk

     When I commissioned into the Navy, I thought about that walk

     When Ieft the military ,I thought about that walk

     When I started the gym, I thought about that walk.

I try to think about it everyday.

I think about the struggle between fear and movement.

The answer to that is to keep walking.

We don’t always need to know where we are going, we just have to keep walking.

Sometimes the only thing we need to do keep walking.

     If training isn’t going the way we want it to, just keep walking

     If your nutrition isn’t as dialed in as you want it to be, just keep walking

     If you skipped training days at the gym and feel like it isn’t worth it, just keep walking.

For most of us the victory is simply to keep walking.

     We don’t know what the outcome will be

     We don’t know where the road leads

     We don’t know where will end up

We just need to know that if we keep walking it will be worth it.

So as we start to move into the next phase, month, year or day commit yourself to just one thing.

Just keep walking.

You will get there.