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I think anyone in the fitness industry can attest to the droves of people that they meet in the course of their career who have a flawed logic about where their fitness should fall in their list of priorities.  I see and hear it all the time and it kills me to see people who clearly need help and  are not putting themselves first.   My hopes are that somebody who needs to have some light shed on this will read down this page and make their health priority #1.

#5 The psychological and physical benefits of regular exercise have been well documented for decades.  If you don’t buy into the science just do a survey of the people in your life who are most productive and who generally have a more positive attitude.  Once you’ve identified those folks, have a conversation with them about their exercise routine and their dedication to that single aspect of their life.  I can guess what they will say but I’ll let them tell you.

#4 Regularly challenging yourself in the physical realm gives you a psychological edge on other people.  Let’s face it, the world isn’t fair and life is a competitive environment.  Those most accustomed to competition are more prepared for the daily “wins” and “losses” of life.

#3 Failure isn’t something to be avoided. It is simply something to be negotiated in order to grow.  There is no better place to teach yourself how to handle failure than through exercise or sport.  Coming to grips with the fact that failure is a regular occurrence and not the end of the world is a powerful perspective to have.

#2 You need exercise to be the best version of you.  Other people are counting on you.  I am, and will always be a believer in a statement that Coach Greg Glassman made years ago: “CrossFit is the algorithm for better human beings”.  I’ve personally experienced it and been told countless other stories that are similar.  If you don’t take care of yourself, you will be unfit to care for others.   Regular exercise will help to combat the stressors of life.

#1 The long-term investment in your health cannot be quantified.  It……is… invaluable!!!  You can pay for a gym membership, a personal trainer, healthy food or a garage gym now or you can pay the doctor later when decrepitude and sickness have taken over.  The old saying “pay me now or pay me later” has some deep truths here.  Take the time to care for yourself now so you can live a fully functional life until its time to go.

If you know someone who is struggling or someone who doesn’t understand how valuable better health is to their well being and the well being of those around them please let them know they need to bump their fitness up a couple notches on the priority list.  Take them out to a paleo breakfast and over some coffee and burpees show them the way.

Keep Training Hard and Hit Your Weaknesses,