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“New Year, new you!” or at least that’s what most people think of when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions. With a new year people want a reset button and a lot of times that has to do with fitness and nutrition. Statistically though, Forbes and U.S. Health News puts an estimated 80% of health specific resolutions failing by the first week of February.

Here are the biggest reasons we at CrossFit Rife think resolutions fail so quickly. Number one reason, we make too many resolutions or resolutions so large they are unachievable. It is great to be motivated and have the energy and positivity on day one to change everything, but what does that energy look like on day 43?  Number two reason, we want immediate results and we want them now! When we have these unrealistic expectations of how quickly we will achieve these goals it gives us a reason to say “I’ve failed” that much quicker. Lastly, we do not have the self discipline or support system to succeed. Most of us crave others, we want someone to help us and support us, but what is NECESSARY is having the right people helping. You need to trust that those supporting you are just as committed to seeing you accomplish your goals as you are.  

Here’s the thing. Change is uncomfortable and challenging AND it happens over small efforts day by day until it doesn’t feel like change anymore. If we want to create a “New you this New year” then it’s going take the whole year!

Find a person, a group or a community first. This is going to be your support system.

  1. Be accountable to them
  2. Pick a day of the week to check in, highs and lows

Then decide on one goal, the more specific you can make that goal, the more likely it can be achieved.

  1. Think small, because you can always make it bigger as you go
  2. Keep track whether in a planner or online
  3. Go back to your accountability person/community make sure you are sharing specific data points
  4. CELEBRATE successes along the way, whether it’s staying on track each week or trying something out of your comfort level. This will keep you motivated long term to keep mprogressing!

Now with a community and specific goal you are accountable and set up for success!

Below is an example of specific goals.

Instead of

“I’m going to the gym every single day for the New Year” turn it into “I’m going to workout 2 times a week”.

“I’m eating clean all year, no sugar, no alcohol”

Turn it into….

“I’m having one whole food meal a day for 30 days”

Because what will happen is you can manage the small details and when you start to feel better, feel accomplished, feel healthy, you are more likely to go the gym one more time a week and eat cleaner one more meal a day. This is what we call building integrity with yourself. You feel good when you do what you told yourself you could!


Small. Efforts. Make. Change.

  • Nicole Tsetsilas
  • CF-L2, CSCS