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Have you ever had someone try to tell you your own story?

At this year’s annual Trainer’s Summit for all the Seminar Staff members Adrian Bozman “Boz” presented an interesting topic to the group of 150 trainers from around the world.

I don’t remember it verbatim but it generally went like this:

The biggest threat to CrossFit moving forward is allowing other people or entities to tell us our own story.  Everyone is now doing functional fitness.  And now people want to tell us how they know how to do it better than we do.

That just simply isn’t true.

It’s the equivalent of placing a salt shaker in the middle of the table and establishing that point as “center”.  Then someone comes along and moves the salt shaker to the perimeter and says “no this is center”.

Our job is continue to take the salt shaker and move it back to the center of the table and not let people move it.  We are the leaders, and we have been doing it longer than anyone.  We can’t let people tell us our own story so they can ride CrossFit’s coat tails in order to establish themselves as experts using our methodology”

I’m sure he said it more eloquently than that but it made me start to question my own morals, goals and endeavors.

Do I let people tell me my own story?

As a gym owner it’s tempting to chase new ideas and the “sexy” stuff when it comes to marketing or programs.

Why?  Because caring about people and giving them all of your attention and support is hard.  That’s why not all CrossFit affiliates are created equally.

Truth is, all those people are chasing short term money by selling novelty rather than results.  Sometimes fitness is monotonous…….sorry.

When we let people move our salt shaker away from center it moves us further away from our goal….and the truth.

Our goal is to provide you with every opportunity to further your health and be happier.  Doesn’t sound sexy, but when you really think about it, it’s pretty awesome.

What are your goals?  Who are you?  What do you want to do?

And do you let people move the salt shaker????