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For a very long time I believed that adversity was a bad thing.

I thought it was bad because it is generally painful to some extent.

I couldn’t figure out why I always found myself in a place where there was some degree of physical, emotional or professional struggle.

I didn’t enjoy prep school or the Naval Academy…..

I didn’t enjoy losing seasons when I played college basketball…..

I didn’t enjoy not getting selected for programs I applied for…..

I didn’t enjoy working through injuries…..

I didn’t enjoy working mutliple jobs at times….

I didn’t enjoy running a business poorly at times (and still do occassionally)…..

I don’t enjoy working on any skill I’m not good at, and that list is long…..

And then I listened to a talk by a gentlemen by the name of Clint Bruce.  I don’t know Clint any more than I know the garbage man so I can’t speak to his character personally but he is a Naval Academy Grad, played in the NFL and was a SEAL so I respect his accomplishments and his message resonated with me.

So much that I haven’t ever forgotten a phrase he said:

“The absence of adversity is an indicator that I’m not trying hard enough”

I don’t know why but I had a moment of serious reflection and it wasn’t totally positive.

When I reflected on my life up to that point I wasn’t sure if I was chasing adversity or comfort.  When faced with adversity we generally seek comfort.

But I have never been comfortable when comfort presents itself so I haven’t spent much time there.

This cycle has led to a crazy list of failures.  The funny part is I can’t remember most of them.

They are overshadowed by a very small number of victories.  I remember those vividly.

I don’t believe any reasonable person seeks adversity, but we do seek what’s on the other side of adversity.

We seek the reward of being better and having that mark of lessons learned.

And there isn’t any other way to get to the other side than going through it.

You can’t go around, over or under.  Through is the only way .

What good ever came from times of comfort?  Did your learn anything from being comfortable?  Did you grow from being comfortable?

Are you comfortable in your job, you relationship or with yourself?

Are you trying hard enough?