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Have you ever seen of of those pictures that is an illusion?  The ones where you stare at it and then finally realize its something else or there is a hidden image there?

They are the ones that always cause me to have a bit of self reflection “why did I not see that to begin with?”

We’ve been going through a family transition lately.

Even though I live my life by something that resembles the bazaar there are certain things than can throw me off if changed.

I’m a creature of habit, particularly when it comes to morning and evening routines.

Our nanny recently got a new job so we have been on the search for a new one and have a week or so gap, at least, before we will get a new one (I know, boohoo for us and our first world problems)

Yesterday I was complaining about how my schedule was thrown off and the wrinkle of having Logan with me all day, bringing her to school and picking her up was going to throw into my schedule.

I was stressed out about a long list of things and the week was shaping up to be busier than usual.

So I decided that self pity was in order…….

Then I walked by a picture we have hanging on the wall and got slapped with a massive dose of perspective.

The picture was of Logan in the NICU when she was  as big as a sharpie marker. (See attachment)

I suddenly went from self pity, to guilt about my complaining, to anger for being a complainer, then finally to happiness.

I was happy because at one time I wasn’t sure she would ever wake me up by yelling in my ear, or run in the backyard, or go to school or make a mess in the house.

Then I realized how fortunate I was to be able to bring her to school, and clean up her messes and cook breakfast together.

It’s amazing.

Perspective is a powerful tool that we can use to help pull us out of big and small valleys in life.  

If you can’t find perspective in your own life then use someone else’s.

If I’m really mentally down I just remember that my dad walked across the Rio Grand when he was 10 years old when his family was escaping communist Cuba to come to America.

That shuts me right the hell up.

Find perspective, use it as a tool.

We’ve all been in worse places with worse odds with worse realities facing us.

When you are mad at someone, or something or upset about things not going your way just  just remember we can choose to look at the picture a different way.

Take a second, relax and remember that there is a lot more good surrounding that bad that we are focusing on.

It just depends on how we look at it