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I often think back to how we use to operate our gym and business…….it was terrible.

Like so bad its impressive we are still here today.

We haven’t “made it” by any stretch of the imagination and it seems like we have so far to go, but damn we did some things poorly!

I haven’t made every mistake you can make, but if you lined up 100 of the “don’t do this” items as a coach and gym owner I’ve done at least 99 of them.

As much as I’ve learned over the past 5 years, I feel like I know less now.

I’ve struggled with that at times. I mean the kind of stay up at night and beat yourself up over it kind of struggle.

I was talking to one of my mentors who also owns a gym.  We just love talking about the business and coaching.

He said  “Man I’m embarrassed of the gym owner I was five years ago” 

My response was just a sigh with rolled eyes and a nod.

Then he said “And in five years I hope I’m embarrassed of the gym owner I am today.”

Let that sink in for a minute, because I sure needed to.

Why would we want to be embarrassed of who we are today?

What if we think we are pretty good?

If you’ve never done the reverse gap analysis it can be enlightening.

It’s a pretty simple exercise.

1) Write down where you were three years ago, money, relationship, profession etc.

2) Write down where you are today for all the same things.

There is usually a sizable gap between the two that leans heavily towards positive (there will likely be some down points too, but that is real life)

Here’s the important part:

Take that gap and roll it forward another three years……interesting thought experiment right?

Gets me excited for sure!

The telling part about this whole revelation is that we’ve already achieved it.  All things considered we just need to stay the course and we can repeat our effort.

And that would be without changing anything, which we are 100% going to do.

What can we achieve by simply learning from those mistakes being more efficient with that time frame?

What do you want to be embarrassed of in 5 years?