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I’ve been making dozen’s of phone calls a week and sending twice that many texts and emails to people who have reached out to us about our services at the gym.

9 out of 10 either won’t answer, or even worse, they will tell me to immediately stop contacting them. (which is weird because the contacted me hahaha)

Bottom line is rejection sucks.  Most people can’t stand being told “No!”

Maybe I’m weird but there is a part of me that really loves it.  I find it challenging.

Maybe it’s because my sister and I are scarred for life from the amount of “No” we got from our parents growing up 🙂

That doesn’t mean it’s easy to deal with.

I almost didn’t apply for post graduate school because I was afraid of them looking at my college transcripts.

I failed the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist test twice and almost didn’t show up to take the test because I never cracked a book open before taking it either time.

I almost didn’t call some of you because you were the 15th person on the list and I had been told “No” 14 times already that day.

Here’s what I’ll tell you about “No”:

No isn’t forever.

No isn’t personal.

No is what we will hear most of the time.

It takes a 100 No’s to equal the joy of that 1 Yes.

And we can ride the high of a Yes for a really long time.

It took me a lot of “No’s” to get to most of you.

So thank you for saying “Yes”

You all make the 100’s “No’s” totally worth it.

The reward that we all get by working with you is what makes us impervious to “No”

You make us better at what we do.

You’ve taught us that rejection isn’t a destination, it’s simply one of a thousand road signs that we will pass in our lifetime on the way to acceptance.

Thank you!