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I was working in New Orleans recently with a mentor of mine.

His background if Jiu Jitsu, but he is an incredible trainer in CrossFit as well.

Long story short he is what is called a “professor” in that world, which is the highest level of coaching.

His standards are high and I appreciate it.

He was speaking to the group of would be trainers and he was getting the bevy of questions we usually get when it comes to dealing with “resistant” athletes.

(If you feel like I’m talking about you, I’m not. or am I?)

He finally cut the questions and said something that I thought was pretty profound.

“What we allow in our presence becomes our standard”

That has been bouncing around in my head for days at this point and has me thinking about where I may be letting my standard slip.

I’ll let you in on how I figured out where it was.

The standard usually slips when we start making excuses for ourselves or other people:

Well its very complicated so…

      Well he/she is new so……

      Well we do all of these other things really well so…

      Well they don’t know what we know so……

So what?!?!

Its easier than we might think for the standard to slip over time as we slip into a comfort zone.

So its ok if we recalibrate.  And in my experience people won’t like that, and that’s ok too.

Because the standard is the standard.

What do you allow in your presence?

And is it up to the standard?