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There is no secret when it comes to getting strong.  You have to lift the weight….period.

You want to be better at pull ups?  Guess what the answer is?  More training

More training of every variation of the pull up.

The longer I train the more I realize there is virtually no principle of training that doesn’t directly transfer to life.

Time under tensions is one of those principles.

Time under tension simply refers to the amount of time the muscle is under strain from loading.

Some refer to it as time under load.

There are lots of way to address this principle, set, reps, tempo, load, range of motion etc.

It all comes back to the same thing……I have to get under the weight.

There is no way to skate around this fact.

The greater the time under tensions the stronger we become.

And the more permanent the adaptation will be!

I was contemplating all the things we are trying to achieve as a team and then the concept of time under tension came up while I was listening to a podcast (The Business of Fitness).

This year, and probably next year, we are going to spend a lot of time under tension as a business and as a team.

We have to stress test our ideas, our resolve and our principles.

There isn’t any other way for us to grow.

We have to get under the weight of bigger ideas, more complex problems, a bigger team and more work.

The difference between those who are strong and those who are not can be boiled down to one thing.

Doing the work.

It isn’t an incredibly complex issues, it is just uncomfortable.

Loading the bar with 100% is uncomfortable.

But getting stronger doesn’t happen without being uncomfortable.

In the gym, or in life.