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This idea can be applied by anyone.

The long and short of it is what your mom would tell you when you were little,

“Just worry about yourself”

I’ve changed it slightly but it still has virtually the same meaning.

Our goal as a team and as a business is to widen the gap between us and everyone else.

And we shouldn’t do that at the expense of anyone else or any other team.

We should do it by just improving what we do and worrying about us.

I imagine us running on the treadmill of business and trying to run so hard and so fast that nobody even thinks about trying to keep up.

Maybe the will, maybe they won’t, maybe it doesn’t really matter.

The longer I do this the more I understand that there is very little that anyone else can do that will affect me and my decisions everyday.

And if that does happen, then I just have to deal with it, because they don’t get a say in how I react.

If a competitor opens shop up next door, don’t worry about them, treat your customers better.

If a new employee comes in and you are threatened by them, don’t point out their wrong doings, be more productive.

If a new athlete comes in and they beat you, don’t start doing what they do, double down on working on your weaknesses.

The second we start to focus on what others are doing we have neglected something in our own world.

Nobody did that to us, we did that by not worrying about ourselves.

Jordan, Brady, Ripken, Tyson, Gretzky were all the same.

They were singularly focused on what they needed to do to get better.

They weren’t worried about other people.

Other people were worried about them.