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Coaches Corner

Hope is Not a Plan

I read some statistics about New Years resolutions and the number of people that fail them the other day.  The numbers were pretty alarming.  More than 90% of people that set a goal never achieve it.  Not only that, it rarely lasts more than 30 days………

That’s because hope is neither a plan nor a course of action.

We’ve all been guilty of it at some point.  You have your big audacious goal and you just put it out to the FB world……with no plan.   Each year as a staff we set our goals and then we set the plan to achieve those goals.  We talk about how we will get there and what that looks like.  We discuss how long it will take and what the result will provide us.

That’s why we’ve hit our team and individual goals and have achieved a level of success as a staff that others have not.  We set newer loftier goals this year, and we’ll hit those too.

We’ll end the year with more high fives and “good games” because we are committed to the process.  Maybe we’ll come up short on some, maybe we won’t.  Either way we will be leaps and bound ahead of where we are today.  And that my friends, is the ONLY thing that matters.  Forward progress, whether it be an inch or a mile, just moving forward.

You can do the same, but don’t wish for it or hope for it.  If you can’t explain HOW you will climb the mountain to your doubters, you are just proving them right.

Write your goal down, then give it to and accountability buddy. Preferably someone who would be more than happy to call you out. Then set the plan in place for what that it looks like a month from now, 3 months and six months from now.

Be prepared to make course corrections and have some setbacks.  Those aren’t signs of failure, they are signs of progress, signs of learning and adapting.

While everyone else is TALKING about their goals.  You can be DOING and executing your plan.

DOING is the only difference between hitting that goal or not.