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I’ve always been a pretty loyal friend.  In many cases to my own detriment.

I was always taught, stand by your friends and stand by them at all costs.

There is some truth to that but it has flawed logic.

When I was in 9th grade a buddy of mine who was my “friend” did something really stupid while at an assembly.

He popped a teacher’s bra strap……… (I couldn’t make this up if I tried)

Obviously he knew immediately what a bad decision was.  He was a really good basketball player and he was already on the bubble at school.

I didn’t want to lose a good player and he begged me to take the fall.

So I did.  Like an idiot.

Long story short, the truth came to light and I didn’t get in trouble, but I did deal with some embarrassment.

This kid ended up not amounting to much and had a long history of using friends and getting in trouble.

That day taught me to be careful about who I surround myself with.  This isn’t a particularly ground breaking lesson.

If we think about this differently we can use that same lesson and apply it to activities as well as people.

How many activities to we engage in every day that bring us no value?

Admittedly I do it probably a dozen times a day.

It’s time for me to fix that.

Hopefully you will tackle that with me.

 – Don’t go out to eat if you have poor self control

     – Don’t hang out with the friends that give you a hard time for trying to make healthier decisions

     – Don’t get on social media if you can’t resist arguing with people

     – Don’t go to the gym if you know you should take a rest day and you can’t say no to your friends

     – Don’t get into that argument at work just so you can be “right”

All of these activities take away from our goals, regardless of what they are.

We have the power to make those decisions and don’t let FOMO prevent you from making the decision that is best for you.

If I had I would still be hanging out with that kid and probably not doing what I love.

I would rather spend my time working on ways to improve what we do for you rather than arguing about politics that arguably don’t matter.

Spend time on what’s good for you.  

It will only attract more people that are good for you.