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Progress is progress no matter how inconsequential it may seem.

To my own detriment I can be extremely harsh with regard to the expectations that I have for myself.

If you ever want to stack up failures, start a business.  It’s just painful somedays.  (sometimes I think I like pain)

Despite the horrific statistics involving small businesses I remain delusional about how my daily life should be sometimes.

I was talking to someone yesterday as I was replacing a light switch and I joke that a gym owner is part electrician, plumber, handyman, therapist, accountant and what feels like  minimally a coach at times.

Yesterday I evaluated two classes, sent no less than 50 emails, finalized new shirt designs, replaced light switched had several phone calls with potential members, dealt with Wodify Issues and spent time creating content for social media.

And somehow I felt like I didn’t get anything done………

I’ve also recently become acutely aware that being busy isn’t the same as being productive.

I’m constantly evaluating myself on forward progress, like every second of the day.

So I’ve decided to take some of my own advice.

When I coach L2 courses, I routinely watch a coach struggle to get what they want out of an athlete they are coaching.

I also watch them fail to acknowledge the improvement they did get.

They generally do this because the didn’t get the athlete to move “perfect”

That’s usually when I intervene.

I intervene because I know they won’t get perfect.  They just needed to get a 1% improvement on that athlete and move on.

They want to quantify better, rather than just leaving better alone.

Better is better, it doesn’t need quantification.

Replicated day over day that turns into some pretty awesome results.

I’m just like everybody else when I berate myself for not being “more” better (#justbebetter).

The truth is most days I move the needle, just like you.  Even if only 1%

And that’s all we need to do.  1% a day is all it takes.

– Don’t get upset when you don’t hit a PR, just try to improve one aspect of that movement.

– Don’t get upset if you don’t hit your targets for your nutrition, just improve one aspect of it like food quantity, number of meals, more veggies etc.

– Don’t get upset if you miss a training day, just improve your consistency over the coming weeks.

– Don’t get upset when you forget date night, just mark it on your calendar moving forward

Take the 1% and move on.

Better is good enough for today.