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I was thinking about this idea the other day and it made me laugh because of the irony of it all

When I was in high school and playing basketball we had what were called “Help Sessions”

These all emcompassing and were designed to help you do any number of things.

The help sessions would:

Help you top being late

     Help you study more and stop getting bad grades

     Help you stop making mistakes in practice

     Help you get in better shape

     Helpy you to remember things

     Help you fix your bad attitude

(Sounds pretty amazing right!)

Two of my best friends even made what is now referred to the “All Alpine Team” where they got something like 27 Help Sessions to help them remeber not to schedule ski trips during basketball season.

The guard that I played next two for three years was and still is a great dude.  He and I regularly got Help Sessions for no particular reason.

Coach (my dad) would just say “When the 4th quarter comes around and everyone else is tired, you won’t be.”

He wasn’t wrong.  

If you haven’t figured it out yet a Help Session is just a lot of extra running and other conditioning before or after practice.

I don’t know why but It’s kind of funny that I never really grasped the irony of name “Help Session” until later in life.

I just knew I didn’t want any “help” hahaha.

It’s pretty great when you think about it.  A series of tasks that absolutely noone wants to do that serve as a reminder that you still have lots of room to improve 🙂

Let’s just say Help Sessions were effective.

Consequences are a good thing. 

They reinforce both good and bad behavior.

There is a lot of good that comes from introducing a pain point for poor performance. (the same is true for reinforcing good behavior)

This doesn’t mean it should be over the top or ridiculous.

But it probably shouldn’t be fun……

There is tremendous value to the thought “Well I’m not gonna do that again..”

   Where is the spot in our lives that we aren’t paying attention?

     Where is the spot in our lives that we make unnecessary mistakes?

     Where is the spot in our lives where we are lazy?

    Where is the spot in our lives where we could use some “Help”?

Maybe you create your own Help Session??

Maybe you go to the local high school and start running suicides…I don’t know.

Figure out how to make yourself accountable to something or someone.

You probably won’t like it.

But it will help.