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Coaches Corner

Where Is Your Focus?

(Please promise me you’ll read to the bottom and do this)

I’ve stacked up a lot of “negatives” or “losses” in the past couple months.

Last night I got an unexpected “win”.  I chose to reflect on that and end my day there.

I slept like Logan. (which is amazing)

   What do we focus on?

   The good or the bad?

   The positive or the negative?

   What went well or what went wrong?

   What we learned or what mistakes we made?

   The weight lifted or the technique improved?

   The pounds lost or the pounds still there?

   The cheat meal had or the 5 days of sticking with our nutrition hard core?

We are all flawed, and giving the spotlight to the the negatives is something we all can improve.

The negative doesn’t deserve the spotlight, the mistakes don’t define us and they aren’t forever.

I don’t know where I heard this but the saying has always stuck with me:

“There is no sweet without sour”

We can’t be good without being bad first.  There is a learning curve to everything.

Stop judging yourself for learning and going through the normal process.

Its normal and everyone else is in the same boat. (Instagram isn’t the real world)

Switching our focus is a hard habit to change, particularly in world where the everyone and everything seems to want the world to burn.

We don’t have to participate in that behavior.  We can change how we view the world and our lives.

Here’s how. 

It takes about two weeks of repetitive behavior to create a new habit, but it must be done everyday during that too weeks.

Pick day or night to do this, then write down three positive things that happened the day prior.

If you are a negative Nancy then just write down one.

Build on that for two weeks.

You’ll be happier, I promise.