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The Third Weight Loss Red Flag

The third weight loss red flag is to ditch the idea that you need to make big changes.
Instead, focus on making small changes that are sustainable and easy to maintain over time.

For example: if your goal is to lose 10 pounds in two months, don’t try cutting out entire food groups or drastically increasing exercise–that’s too much for most people! Instead, try eating less processed food and exercising more each day (maybe walking around the block instead of driving).

Accept Change

If you’re having trouble accepting the fact that your body is changing and will continue to do so, try writing down all the things about yourself that have changed since you were younger. For example: “I’m taller than my mom was at this age.” Or maybe even something simple like “I have more freckles than I used to.” You’ll be amazed by how quickly these thoughts can help put things into perspective!

Focus on the Smallest Change

If it’s been a while since your last weigh-in and you’ve gained some weight (or lost some), don’t worry about it right away; instead, focus on one small thing at a time–like drinking more water or cutting out soda altogether–and see what happens over time as these small changes add up over weeks/months/years of making them part of your routine!

One way you can get started on making a change is start participating in our monthly Data Days. CrossFit Rife hosts it every third Monday of the month. As if that’s not enough to help you see the changes you’re getting from coming to class, you can join me for Brunch with Britt to learn how to change your nutrition without needing to track calories. 

Brit Bailey, MSNHP, RDN, LDN