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I learn a lot more from all of you than you may think.

Let’s be honest training isn’t always fun, sometimes it can get us down.

I’ve had a mild hernia I’ve been dealing with for months that doesn’t allow me to go to heavy weights (like 90%+)

So most days I opt of out any barbell work because “well if I can’t go heavy then what’s the point?”

This is such a poor mindset to be in and falls very much in the scarcity mindset because it focuses on what I can’t have or do.

This ignores ALL the other things I have and can do.

Last week we had a sprint day.  40 yard sprints.  I’m proud of the community we’ve built because you all don’t cherry pick.  You come out and get the best our of the training day.

I know this because I see it, and I’m humbled by it.

You do it and you have fun.

I was watching the 9am class (my favorite class, don’t tell the 6am 😉 ) and they were getting after it.

But they were having fun.

Ragan and Meghan were legit racing….and they were laughing while they were doing it. (and maybe talking a little sh*t)

They were genuinely having fun.  I was envious.  Envious because I’ve lost the ability to have fun throughout different points during my training over the years.

Not shockingly I don’t improve during these periods.  Probably because I’m chasing the wrong thing or have lost sight of what is important.

Remember to have fun.

We probably aren’t going to the Games to compete, so we might as well have a good time and remember why we are actually doing this.

We do it to live happier, fuller more functional lives……..outside of the gym.

When we are old and reflect on our lives, nobody is going to care what our Fran time or out back squat was.  

They will simply remember if they enjoyed being around us or not.

And that is very much predicated on our ability to let ourselves have fun.

Smile…. and have fun!