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Coaches Corner

I’m Good Under Pressure

I’m good under pressure.

I think that’s because of practice.  I’ve failed a lot under pressure.

But this brings up a valid question…..

Why am I under pressure so much?

Many people where that as a badge of honor, as have I in the past.

I would pride myself in my ability to get out of a squeeze.

What that pressure looks like has morphed over the years, but the pressure has been constant.


The short answer is “I don’t know”

What I do know is that being aware of it is better than not.

Being under constant stress is an indicator of poor choices lack of preparation, ignorance or all three.

So right now I’m going with ignorance.

That won’t fly forever.

Getting ourselves out of a tight spot isn’t nearly as important as know why we ended up there in the first place.

The idea would be to avoid that same behavior.

Otherwise if we continue to hang our hat on our ability to deal with stress and pressure we will all eventually fall.

How far and how badly probably depends on how long we ignore the reasons for being there.

Learn to be good under pressure, but strive to never have to be there.