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Coaches Corner

“Ego is the Anesthesia….”

When I was growing up and playing basketball I thought because I was good I didn’t need my teammates.

I thought I could just score more points and we would win, and sometimes that was true.

But it was never true when it mattered or when we encountered a good “team”.

Ego is a tool.

And like all tools it can be used for productivity and or to harm myself or others.

I can use a hammer to build a home or gym for my family or clients, or I could smash my fingers and hit people with it.

No tool is inherently bad, it merely depends on how it is used.

I heard a great quote that ratlles around my head most of the day and I still ignore it far too often.

“Ego is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity”- Rick Rigsby

Most of the time I can harness my ego and point it at a positive outcome.

But I’m human, and sometimes my ego drives me down the wrong road.

     Ego can convince us that we need to “prove something” to people.

     Ego can convince us that we need to “show people how it’s done”.

     Ego can push us to ignore those around us for their contributions while convincing us that we don’t need their help.

     Ego can blind us from seeing the obvious

     Ego can rob us of empathy.

The good thing about ego is it doesn’t have to be an “always” thing.

It’s like shooting a basketball.  If I have a bad shot, I can’t get it back, but I can correct on the next one.

…..And I get as many shots as I’m willing to take. 

Learn from those egotistical mistakes but don’t dwell on them, everyone has ego, so don’t beat yourself up about it.

We can correct each time we recongize that we have allowed pride to get in our way.

If we do that over and over we will end up on a good path with the right team.