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Fear is a fundamental human emotion.

We need it, it saves our lives.

We should also get acquainted with it and understand where fear comes from and how we react to it

I always get worried about things in the business that I have been ignoring.

Why, because I”m afraid of what I will find out.  I’ve afraid it will be terrible.  I’m afraid it will be worst case scenario

When do I stop being scared?

When I get information.

Regardless of how bad the info is that I find out, I’m no longer scared because I know what the problem is and what the extent of it is

Then I’m forced to come up with a solution and I can’t focus on the fear anymore.

I like to reference some things I learned from Extreme Ownership and one of the concepts is “Stop, Look around, make a decision”

What he is saying is, look up, ignore the chaos and get information that will help you make a sound decision

We will get it wrong sometimes.

But we will get it more often if we make all of our decisions based on fear and emotion only

Pay attention to your fear, acknowledge it.  In many cases listen to it.

In some cases ask yourself questions about it.

If you still feel the same once you’ve gotten more information then make that decision

You will feel better about it either way.