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So, 2020 hasn’t really panned out the way anyone thought so far…….

That will take a while to unpack and figure out what the lessons learned were but I’m sure there are some gems here.

I can however speak to 2019.  

That was the year of “yes” that quickly turned into the year of “no” and will now be referred to as the year of the “foolish explorer”.

There is an old story about a Persian farmer name Ali Hafed.

You can read about him HERE but I’ll give you the cliff notes.

Ali was a wealthy farmer who heard about tales of diamonds.

He sold his farm and left his family on the quest for riches.

He never found them and eventually gave up and threw himself into the ocean after losing everything he had.

The man he sold his farm to found a diamond in the stream on the farm property while walking his mule.

Turns out the farm was on one of the largest diamond mines in the world.

Ali solid it for pennies.

I felt like Ali at the end of 2019.

Everything I was searching for and trying to do was already available to me in my current ecosystem.

I just hadn’t looked hard enough, I hadn’t turned over enough stones or asked myself enough questions.

Here’s the tricky part……..I thought I had done my due diligence.

I have a mentor that always tells us to “ask one more question” when we are interacting with participants at seminars.

I should have done the same with myself.  I should have asked one more question.

So, here’s my challenge to you.

What is the acres of diamonds you are sitting on now but haven’t realized it yet?

When you have racked your brains and you think you know, ask yourself one more question.

When you find it, the obviousness of it will be painful to swallow, just FYI…….