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Some people are just working from home and they wear sweatpants all day now.

I still go to the gym every day and I wear sweatpants every day all day already

Some people are out of work and are scrambling to find things to do

I feel like I’m in both camps

I’m not out of work (yet) but I still go to work every day.  I just don’t get to work with all of you like usual (that’s changing)

It’s taken about two weeks of what feels like walking through waist deep mud but I feel like today is the day things start moving again

I pouted for 24 hours when this all started then I got to work identifying all the things that we needed to do:

A) what can we improve immediately 

B) what should we be rebuilding for the future

Identifying those two things gave me a list that would normally take me 6-12 months to get done.  

I’ll get them done in about 45 days at this rate

They won’t be completely “done” or “finished”.  They will be “good enough for now” and “workable”.

That’s all I need, and anything more than that is a bonus.  

I was listening to a podcast with Jocko yesterday and a difficult question was posed

“How does a single mom with two kids who is out of work do to stay positive?”

He paused because he knew the answer was simple but could sound insensitive.

Then he said:

“What choice does she really have?  She can do nothing or figure out how to make it work?”

If you are in a rut ask yourself that same question, then figure it out.

All of this will end at some point and the question is where do you want to be on the first day back.

I want to be out in front.