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As many of you know Susan Davis tragically passed away Monday morning.  She leaves behind her husband, two sons, and grandchildren.  This is a great loss for their family as well as our community.

Selfishly this is cathartic for me, but I think she would understand.  She always did.

This is an open letter to her from me:

Dear Susan,

To say I was fond of you wouldn’t quite do justice to my feelings for you.  More than 6 years ago you walked into our doors at CrossFit Rife and you have been a staple there ever since.  

A pillar would be more accurate.  A hidden beam in the house that can’t be seen but provides added safety and support to a house.  

From day one you jokingly doubted your ability to do things, but seldom did you disappoint.  You learned to snatch, did “real push ups” completed “Murph” and even qualified as a Masters weightlifter for Nationals and the PanAms.

Over the years you had reasons to leave because of things that I got wrong.  You didn’t.  Like the motherly figure you were, you understood I was learning and doing my best.  And like I would imagine you did with your boys, you allowed me to fail and didn’t judge me for it.  

It was the same grace that you carried with you all the time.

Over time and some drinks I learned about your time in the Air Force, going from enlisted to Officer and what your experience was like being a pioneer as a female Officer in the Military.

The dirty jokes were always more funny coming from you.

Even though you were better at golf than almost all of us you made us feel like we weren’t that bad.  Thank you for teaching Logan how to swing a golf club, I’m convinced you are the reason she beat me in mini golf.

I remember when you told me that you were chronic smoker for years and being amazed.  It shed light on the fact that we can all shed bad habits and make ourselves better.

When you became a grandmother I genuinely enjoyed hearing you talk about James and how you would teach him how to fish. 

It was obvious that you loved David and Michael when you would talk about Michael being a firefighter and how cool you thought it was that David and Carolyn did CrossFit just like you. 

While Jess was not thrilled with the 4th of July party at your house (she was rightfully angry at me) you would always giggle at that story and playfully comment about how funny you thought I was when I drank.  

I don’t know how many of our members you tutored in math as they stepped foot back into college, but it was enough that I noticed.  And I know they appreciated it.

When I would walk by the kids room and you were watching them I would always think to myself “They are in good hands, and Susan isn’t gonna take any shit”

I think that is honestly how we all felt about you.

Many people have walked into the doors of CrossFit Rife over the past decade, but I can say without hesitation that each and every time I saw you I was happy that you were there. 

I always felt like as if I was doing what I was meant to do when you were there. 

You went out of your way to wear CrossFit Rife shirts and tell me about it after I gave you a hard time about wearing the North Rest CF shirts.  I appreciated it.

I’ve told literally hundreds of participants at seminars about you and will continue to do so, because if you can inspire me I know you can inspire others.

Thank you for walking into my doors.  Thank you for providing me with grace.  Thank you for being kind. Thank you for inspiring me and others. 

Thank you for being the person that every affiliate owner dreams of training one day. 

You’ve provided tremendous value to me, my family and our community and we are indebted to you for that. 

I wanted you to know that each year from now on we will bestow two people the Susan Davis Award for representing what you did for the community.

I know it’s not a lot but people worth remembering should be remembered.  

Your example will shine on.

From all of us at CrossFit Rife, but especially me……

Thank you, we will miss you.