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Prevent defense is an oxymoron in sports.

In many cases, it only prevents teams from winning.

It does have validity, but understanding the mindset shift that happens there is important.

In football, they will drop most of the defensive backs by about 10 yards to prevent long passes.

It results in a lot of short passes.  

The 2 minute drill is the response to prevent defense strategies.

In basketball, it usually looks like teams switching to zone defense from man to man.

It results in the other team now dictating where everything happens.

Both scenarios are a shift from pro-active to reactive.

My dad would say the shift just went from:

“Playing to win, to playing not to lose”

This is done in many instances out of fear.  The fear of losing.

It’s worth noting that the desire to win is what put us in the position where we are winning at the end of the game.

I have prevent defense, and I hate zone defense.

They both feel like giving up control because something bad MIGHT happen.  

How about this:

Don’t avoid going out with friends because it could throw off your nutrition, go out and stay on your protocol.

Don’t not commit to training three days a week because work could get hectic, make your schedule and get it done.

Don’t avoid training because you are sore or a little banged up, learn how to train around issues and refocus somewhere else those days.

If we are paralyzed because we don’t know what the outcome will be, just pick one and dive head first.

In a time where almost everything is fear based, we must be action oriented.

Trying to prevent ourselves from experiencing disappointment only has one outcome…