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There is a stack of papers on my desk I’ve been staring at for 6 months

It now represents 6 months of decisions 

It represents my fear of doing things that are uncomfortable

I have a confession to make.

I procrastinate with the best of them.

It’s something that I’m constantly fighting.

I avoid doing things I don’t want to do all the time

I won’t make the phone call, send the email or have the talk 

I’ll avoid certain things at all cost

And it’s easy.

It’s easy because life doesn’t have a shortage of things to keep me occupied.

I read a quote the other day that hit pretty hard.

“A mistake made twice is now a decision.”

That stings because it’s true.

But the beauty of that is that a mistake is something we have no control over

A decision is an opposite.

The first time I avoided doing that task was a mistake.

I didn’t realize that was the domino effect that would keep going.

I didn’t realize it would lead to avoiding other things.

I didn’t realize it would eat away at my thoughts the next day.

But the second time it was a decision, and it’s been a decision every day since.

Some of those decisions are small, and some of them are big.

In the end, they are all the same….

The big ones have an impact on our lives, and the small ones add up to big ones.

They are all decisions that we can control.

Instead of saying no, we can say yes.

Yes, I’ll make the call

Yes I’ll send the email or make the call

Yes I’ll go to the gym early

Yes I’ll get out of bed when the alarm goes off

Yes I’ll have the conversation

Yes I’ll commit to working on my nutrition

Consciously avoiding something is identical to saying no.

It is just disguised as a mistake.

It’s a decision to say no.

But you can make the alternative decision and say yes

Stop making the same mistakes over and over

Say yes