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Food Fitness and Finances

All three of those are habit-based issues and why the vast majority of us struggle with them at some point.

Very rarely are we not aware there is an issue or that we should make the change

Actually doing is the hurdle we trip over.

Sometimes the focus needs to be more narrow.

Sometimes it needs to be more realistic

Most often we need to adjust the timeline and take a longer approach

Regardless of which one of those we might struggle with, the solution is built the same way.

I’m a dummy so I have to build mental models to solve most of my problems.

Pictures help me create the answers to the things that are pain points in my life.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.  But more importantly, they tell stories.

Here is how I have figured out how to solve some of those.

Principles, Habits, and Tools.

Tools help build habits that lead to the execution of Principles

If it were a pyramid, from the bottom up it would go Tools/Habits/Principles

All three are required to achieve the end state.

What I was missing in most instances were tools.

Tools help to create actions, efficiency, and momentum.

They also create the element of practicality.


Principle- Eat healthier food (Simple and obvious as to why)

Habit- eat more protein and reduce refined carbs- (Most people are aware of this) 

Tool-…….  (this is where the problems enter the equation)  There are a lot of different answers here which require trial and error

The Principle and the Habit are the obvious ones.  The tool is where creativity and ingenuity is required..

I have to find the right tool for me, based on the habit I’m trying to build.

Nails and a screwdriver don’t pair well.

What is the principle you want to achieve, identify the 1-2 habits that would lead to that, then the MOST IMPORTANT PART is to put all your energy into finding the right tool to enable that.  Once you find that it’s all downhill.