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I spent many Friday nights at the gym in high school.

I would run to the gym from my house, train for hours then run home.

I dribbled a golf ball around school because I read an article that Steve Nash dribbled a tennis ball to get better at ball handling.

I shot 100 free throws before the 1st period for years.

When I was a young Officer trying to transfer to another community I took every job and got every qualification that was available, 90% of which were not required.

I would eat certain foods when I studied and have certain smells in the room that I could replicate on test day to try to help my memory.

When we started CrossFit 13 years ago I read every journal article and categorized them by subject and movement.

I watched every single video Kelly Starrett made on YouTube prior to Supple Leopard ever existing.

I taught circles and movements to ketchup bottles so I could get on seminar staff.

Why am I telling you this??

Because someone told me at an early age what it would take to be really good at something.

It would take being unreasonable.

It would mean people would think what I was doing was unreasonable.

It would be hard for people to understand.

It would be hard because people would label me as different.

But If I wanted to achieve things that most people saw as unreasonable I would need to do unreasonable things.

Society will tell us that most things are unreasonable today.

Society would prefer we all be mediocre and that pursuit of something better is bad.

Being Fit means you are “crazy”

Being overweight is healthy

Worrying about your sleep is silly and people will roll their eyes at you.

Ordering certain types of food at the restaurant make you the “weird one”

Training 5x a week means you are “whacky”

Don’t let people convince you to be reasonable.

Keep pushing for better.

You admire exactly zero people who got to where they are by being reasonable.

Be unreasonable.