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I’ve been avoiding a few things over the past few years

Mostly because they would be inconvenient or painful in some way

I am no different than anyone else in that I will avoid certain things or push them off

Making that phone call

Addressing that issue

Working on my mobility

Getting surgery

Starting the project

The dilemma is that the problem doesn’t go away

It is just pushed to a further date

The old adage of “Pay me now or pay me later” is as certain as death and taxes

I’m not sure why we dive headlong into some endeavors and avoid others

Could be insecurities

Could be our threshold for pain at any given time

Could be laziness

Could be peer pressure

Could be ignorance

It doesn’t actually matter

We can’t and shouldn’t avoid the fights or struggles

That is more often than not the exact thing we should address

We have to get knocked down to develop the skills to get up

We have to go through the process to learn the lesson

We have to stop avoiding the things that create friction

They won’t last forever

They are rarely as bad as we imagine them to be 

They will usually unlock a massive amount of mental space 


What are you avoiding?

What would solving it get you?

How long would it take to get through?

How would you feel if you finally just did it?

Just like training, the bar won’t lift itself and the reps won’t do it themselves.

Get to it!