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Logan beat me at mini golf the other day……

Not even kidding.

She hit every shot with a different hand and had 3 hole in ones hahaha.

One of them could have been out of a movie.  She it the pink ball she chose, it hit a rock, came straight back hit another rock proceeded to take the slowest roll of all time to the left, tapped the back wall before coming back to the hole and in.

I just stood there laughing and shaking my head in disbelief.

And then she taunted me.  Every time I would putt she would laugh and say “Ha, I think you missed, I win!”

Truthfully I need to talk to her about winning graciously, but she has my competitive streak so I deserve it.

She had a lot of luck that day, and I was glad she did.

Sometimes we just need to accept the good luck that shows up and give it a big hug.

Every year during the playoffs my dad would say, “To make the final four, we have to steal one, win one and get a little lucky”

It’s easy to say “well it was just luck, that will never last”

News flash……Nothing ever lasts!!!!

Why are we so quick to dismiss good fortune when it shows up at our doorstep, yet we take back luck and rent it a room in our house??

Mindset isn’t everything, but it is a lot.

Positive mindset with action is ideal.

Take that compliment that your boss only give occasionally

     Be happy about making little extra money that you normally don’t

     Your team won last week in football, great!

     Unexpectedly get a personal best on back squat day, fantastic!

Spend more time acknowledging the good things, the positive things, the joyful things.

Bad things will happen, but we don’t have to spend all of our energy there.  Spend what you need to there and refocus.

You could be upset about losing to a 5 year old in mini golf, or you could be happy that this cocky little person is having a game like the priest in Caddy Shack!

The choice is yours