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I’ve always joked that baseball is America’s past-time for a reason, but I think people love it because of the insane amount of stats involved.

There is a stat for everything.  

For instance, did you know that no pitcher has ever thrown a No Hitter on their birthday??? Yeah, me neither, but keep that in your back pocket for trivia night.

Baseball also has some incredible stories

Wally Pipp is a name most people don’t know.  They don’t know that for years, he was one of the best players on the Yankees next to Babe Ruth.

He was a big hitter who batter north of .250 and was good for a lot of RBI’s,

He also got a headache on June 2nd, 1925. 

See, I told you there are stats for everything.

We know that stat because that was the day Lou Gehrig stepped on the field to begin his 2,130 game streak.

Wally Pipp never played first base for the Yankees again.

All because he got a headache and decided to sit that game out, and subsequently all the games after that.

I think there are two tales here:

1) Be ready for your shot. 

Take advantage of the job opportunity, that transition, or that project.  You never know

There will be a lot of hidden opportunities as the country opens back up, we just have to be ready and paying attention

2) Don’t get sidelined by the little things. 

I’m sure there were days when guys like Lou Gehrig and Cal Ripken didn’t feel their best.

They still suited up, tied their cleats on, and grabbed their glove to get on the field.  There will be a lot of people feeling sorry for themselves and looking for excuses as the country opens back up.  Don’t be one of them.  

Someone might be waiting for that opportunity that was presented to us.

Not everyday is great, and not every game is our best.

But everyday, every game presents opportunities to excel.

Don’t miss out!