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This past Sunday was the 6 year anniversary of the passing of SO1 (SEAL), Blake Marston.

I would refer to him as just Blake or “skinny legs” haha.

His passing was really hard on a lot of us.  

It was because he was a genuinely good person.  It’s what I admired about him the most.

He was kind.

As I think back over the years, I can see many things about his legacy that have lived on through all of you.

One of the messages he passed on from his grandmother to me and many others were very simple.

“You get what you give, so go and give well.”

I want to share the very unique privilege I have had to watch all of you do this with each other over the last year.

In what seems like the most divided time we can all remember, I can tell you I see the exact opposite when I interact with people daily.

I see kindness, empathy and generosity.

I’ll give just a couple of examples of things that you all have done for each other.

– Covered the cost of someone’s membership

– Purchased equipment for someone

– Showed up for child care to help a parent

– Passed on a gift card to someone else

These are just a few of MANY things that only I have been able to witness.

I have had the opportunity to be the conduit of good faith actions to other people.

In many of these instances, these actions were done for a complete stranger, but the common bond was the gym.

I, like many others, am less than pleased with much of what I see on social media and with our politicians from all sides.

I am very much inspired by what I see when my eyes leave the screen and I witness real human interaction.

Please remember while we all come from different walks of life, that we are all just trying to make it in this world.

The things I see day to day is not accurately displayed on our hand-held time bombs that demand our attention.

This is my message of encouragement to all of you to keep being the amazing people you are.

In the midst of seemingly the most hateful of times, you all have risen above that to show true compassion for each other.

And I couldn’t continue to be selfish and keep that gift to myself.

Thank you.

You get what you give, so go and give well.