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I’ve played a very limited amount of golf in my life.

I’m athletic but golf feels like weightlifting to me.

Very rarely do I feel like I’m going it right….but when it goes well I feel like people should hand me a trophy.

I was out playing golf with Adrienne’s (Bower) brother Robert last summer.

I did the usual and brought lots of extra balls because I lose a lot.

Afterward he wanted to take me over to the range to practice my swing (because I’m awful).

The degree to which I can slice a golf ball is quite impressive.  So much that it looks like I can bend a ball 90 degrees in mid-flight.

We were on the far right lane (my mistake) and for 30 mins I just hit balls over the net and onto the course directly to our right.

It was so bad one of the groundskeepers came up and asked “Hey guys please keep balls on the range.”

My response was appropriate based on my level of frustration “Yeah I’ve been trying to hit a ball onto the range for the past half hour…..”

He quickly understood this was not something I was doing purposely

Golf is different than most games because you really just play against yourself.

You are constantly reacting to your own outcomes. For me, that involves copious amounts of profanity.

So I wanted to share this with you.

Golf isn’t just Golf.

G.O.L.F >>> Game of Life First

Life is just like golf.  Sometimes things are going well and sometimes not. Sometimes we get good breaks, and sometimes we get bad breaks.  

Everything we do gets put into the world and then the world reacts and we get to react in kind.

The cycle just keeps going.  

Swing, hit, assess, reevaluate, and we do that for multiple strokes per hole (for me its about 12 strokes per hole)

The major difference is life has more than 18 holes.

The only option is to keep swinging.

What we need to work on is how we react to the outcomes.

     Do we lose our minds and get down on ourselves?

     Do we calculate each swing to the point we drive ourselves crazy?

     Do we know that getting close is actually really good?

So don’t get down on yourself if you miss a day of training or don’t hit your nutrition numbers.

Get into the gym and get your reps in, just like swinging a golf club.

Treat your health and fitness and everything else, like golf.

It’s a long game, there will be ups and downs, some things we won’t have control of.

Just keep swinging, life doesn’t end at the 18th hole.