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Most of you know quite a bit about me.

I’ve been writing these for several years at this point, thanks to my wife for that encouragement.

I wanted to talk TO all of you, but didn’t want to talk AT you.

So I started telling stories, and as I’ve stated before its cathartic for me.

Its also part of the 8 Mile strategy I think we should all adopt.

If we show the world our faults we become free.

Free of judgement, free of guilt, free of shame.

As a leader its good to let people know that imperfection is normal.

The Johari Window is a simple idea we can adopt.

Image a box with four quadrants. (4 boxes within a box)

The top left box is labeled OPEN and the bottom right box is labeled UNKNOWN

They represent what people know about you and don’t know

Now think about your Johari window and which of those boxes is bigger……..

I’ve been working on my Johari window for years and only really found out about this concept a week ago.

I’ve been trying to make my OPEN box the largest portion of the Johari window.

This is a large part of the evolution to better self awareness.

We need to keep some things to ourselves but if we truly want o explore who we are we have to grow the OPEN box

Let people see inside, allow the growth of our emotions and self understanding about who we are and why we are.

     Can’t figure out why we struggle with nutrition, tell someone….

     Keep having altercations with a family member, tell them how we feel…

     Struggle to find motivations, share that struggle…

Its actually pretty liberating.

We don’t have to carry that baggage around all the time.

Feel free to set it down, and keep moving.

If you want to start by telling me, go for it.

I’ll keep sharing with you with the aim that we can all grow together.