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There are two days in my basketball career I’ll remember forever

My sophomore year when we lost in the playoffs and the day we lost our final game in college

They hurt really bad.

I’ve talked about it before, but my sophomore we lost in the playoffs in overtime.

I think I cried for three days.

That was my first real experience with defeat.  I was devastated.

At the time I couldn’t comprehend that feeling ever ending.

It did, and I went on to do other things.

Those days were where I learned about the temporary nature of pain.

     Pain sucks, but it isn’t forever.  

     Pain is real, but eventually it does subside.

     Pain is deep, but it isn’t infinite.

     Pain is inevitable, but it isn’t constant

Pain is a teacher that gives us a new lense to view the world through.

Some of you are going through something painful right now.

It could be a problem with your job, an injury, a relationship or just a rut that you aren’t sure how you got it.

Here’s your obligation to yourself:

Just keep chipping away.

There are so many examples of people in our community that have pushed through some incredible trials.

Show up, use those people as inspiration, get a little bit better, chip away, keep working.

You’ll be glad you did…….And you will be the lense that someone else now gets to look through.