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Not sure who needs to hear this…….But its ok.

I’m as guilty as the next person.   

I look around and get a feeling of overwhelm sometimes

Am I doing enough, I should be working harder, everyone else has it together but I’m over here like a monkey with a football?

I’ll let you in on a little secret……Those people who have it together, they do exist.

But they are not the majority, and they weren’t always like that.

     Its ok to feel overwhelmed.

     Its ok to feel the pressure of society

     Its ok to get behind the deadline

     Its ok to make mistakes

    Its ok to feel like you are alone

Its ok to say it out loud

We aren’t alone, people are here to help, but we have to recognize it and that helps us help ourselves.

Shame dies in the Light

So shed some light on those feelings even if its only for yourself.

Our problems aren’t rare or unique, virtually everyone else has them.

Social media and the high expectations of society aren’t realistic.

So take a page from the book The 4 Agreements

     1) Be impeccable with your word (to yourself first)

     2) Don’t make assumptions about the rest of the world

     3) Don’t take things personally (everyone else has their Sh*t too)

     4) Do your best and know that faultering along the way is normal

Be nice yo yourself, work your ass off, and be ok with screwing things up.

The reality is if you are even reading this email you are on your way there and have realized taking care of yourself is important.