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I was at an event this past weekend for affiliates up in NJ to give a talk.

I don’t love NJ but I love affiliates so the trip was worth it.  (jug handles are the most annoying traffic design ever)

There was another speaker who had been pulled off the docket for reasons we won’t mention.

Saturday morning we are there, the energy is high, affiliate owners are chatting, all is well.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I see what I think I shouldn’t see…..

I saw the speaker who was pulled off, come walking in smiling and waving at me.

For context, they were told specifically that they could not be there.

I don’t get uncomfortable in social settings, but I couldn’t find a hole to crawl in fast enough.

It was like watching someone drive off of a cliff while they wave at you smiling because they have no idea what is about to happen.

I wanted to say “Hey! great seeing you….you are dumb and should leave before this gets worse.”

But it was too late.

I have no beef with this person, but here is the rub.

They made a series of poor decisions and THEN piled on with this one.

I felt bad.  Let’s just say this wasn’t a cheap mistake.

It will end up being a very big opportunity cost error that will be hard to quantify.

All because they weren’t patient.

Desperation was the feeling I got. 

Rather than just take a breath and wait and make a call.

Know anybody that has made a good decision when they were emotional??

Me neither.

This happens all the time in training:

     My schedule got messed up and can’t make the class you want? Relax, take a breath, make a decision

     Minor injury? Relax, take a breath, and make a decision about how to train around it.

     Did you off the wagon for nutrition?- Relax, take a breath, and figure out what the next meal will be.

Most things involving our physical and mental health and well-being are not pressing.

We are typically faced with a series of decisions we will make.

That means we have multiple opportunities to relax, take a breath, and make a call.

Recognize when you are being rash and emotional.

You will be better off if you just relax, take a breath and then make the call.