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“I’m going to start stretching 20 mins a day”

“I’m going to start going to the gym 6 days a week”

“I’m never eating another refined carb again”

Have you ever said something silly because it sounded good and made you feel good to say it.

Of course, you have………we all have.

We do it because saying things that sound robust looks cool.

Never actually doing it doesn’t look cool

The first rule of fitness and exercise:

Always look cool!

The process to get a point that looks cool……….doesn’t look cool. 

There I said it.

An amazing-looking house that gets finished looks cool, but 6 months earlier when the framers are sitting on the floor surrounded by cigarettes and empty power ade bottles with power tools and nails scattered about looks awful.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of micro-deposits lately.

Here’s the idea:

What is the smallest deposit I can make EVERY SINGLE DAY that will get me where I want to be in 1 year???

I’m not trying to do anything drastic……I just want the outcome to be drastic.

So my deposit looks like 50 push-ups every morning.  

I get out of bed, walk into the bathroom in the dark and start pushing on the floor.

It’s the first thing I do, and before my day has even started I’ve made my micro deposit.

It’s small, takes very little time and I’ll do it because there is no reason not to.

The goal I have for 12 months from now has nothing to do with push-ups.  

Those push-ups are my micro-deposits that will compound into other things.

I’ll make this simple for you.

1. Pick a goal you want in 12 month

2. Decide what your first micro deposit will be

3. Make the deposits every day

4. Look cool

Don’t ever forget the first rule   💪🏼