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I’ve laid out some pretty lofty goals for the year.

I’m doing them in incremental pieces.

I’ve learned my lessons the hard way when it comes to achieving anything.

Big leaps make for big falls.

Small changes done consistently over time yield massive results.

We don’t need to do anything drastic.

We could use two concepts from the world of training:

Wolff’s Law- the bones of a healthy person will adapt to the forces placed on them.

That means if we progressively load the skeletal system, our bones become more dense and stronger

Hormesis- biphasic or triphasic response to exposure to increasing amounts of a substance or condition.

This can be applied in many ways, but let’s use stress here.  Small amounts of stress from training, exposure to heat or cold produce a response to adapt to those inputs.  

We become more resilient

     I started with doing push ups several months ago.

     I’ve been doing the sauna for over a year.

     I’ve slowly adding in the cold plunge

     I’ve just added simple core work 5x/week.  Nothing crazy.

The point is we know how the equation works, but yet we don’t always use it.

More importantly understanding that the process and duration is what makes it successful.

We have to continually provide the stimulus over time if we want the adaptation.

The longer the duration of the stimulus the more permanent the adaption will become.

Stick with it, do the small things, understand how it works and the process become easier

What did you do today to become more resilient?