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Big goals are stupid…….

Stay with me here, it will make sense.

Big goals aren’t really stupid, they are just not motivating

They are actually the opposite, they demotivate us because the distance is too far and seems out of reach.

Let’s pick two different goals:

     1) You want to make $30K more than you are making now

     2) Lose 100 pounds

Both of those goals would be amazing for someone who wanted to do that.

The problem is, the vast majority of the time those goals won’t be met because of how they are framed.

Don’t change the goal, change the framing.

     1) You want to make $600 more dollars a week

     2) You want to lose 2lbs a week

Neither of those seems unreasonalbe, and I’m pretty sure whether you wanted to make an extra $600 you just randomly thought of about a dozen things you could sell in your house that would get you $600

We all need motivation, but we tend to motivate ourselves out of the game by focusing on the end state.

Focus on what needs to happen to get to the end state.

Some days you will come up short, some days you will go over the mark and some days you will just be even.

But you will be a whole lot closer to the goal.

And momentum trumps motivation every time.